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It will be named after me

2020 - 2021​

interactive websi​te

The text of the audio hovering over the mountain comes from a book written by a Russian geographer after his expedition to the Tian Shan (a mountain across China and Central Asia) during the Tsarist period. He mentioned an indescribable spectacle called "Alpenglow" (a kind of reddish glow on the mountain). He was stunned by it one evening and said, from a colonial position, that this place will be named after me. 

There is a similar tension on this webpage between the smooth, delicate representation of space in Google's symbolic system and the rough, data-corrupted videos of war witnesses currently circulating on the web. Those glitches and bursts of light form another kind of Alpenglow.

What do our browsing, clicking, and marking mean?

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